Friday, October 25, 2019

The National Review Essay -- Magazine Conservative Essays

The National Review The National Review is a widely known classic conservative magazine. Founded in 1955 by William Buckley Jr., the magazine was the idea of William S. Schlamm, an Austrian Jewish immigrant. Buckley, a conservative, now serves as the chief editor for the magazine. The views expressed in the National Review generally follow the opinions of conservatives, who prefer current circumstances and only desire change in moderation. In the four consulted issues of the National Review evidence of its conservative nature can be found in the printed images, chief editor, section compiled by the editor, and articles published in the magazine. The political cartoons in the National Review provide evidence to the fact that it is a conservative magazine. A cartoon found in the July 23, 2001 issue displays a donkey about to be hit with a missile. The donkey, which symbolizes a Democrat, is saying, â€Å"Give me one good reason why I should support a missile defense system†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (44). Unlike the conservative’s beliefs of having a strong military and high government spending to support the military, Democrats, generally known as having liberal views, believe in pacifism. Thus, this cartoon is showing the stupidity of Democrats not supporting government spending for military even though a missile is headed right for them. By denouncing liberals this cartoon gives proof that the magazine is conservative. Another image that provides proof that the magazine is conservative is an advertisement found in the November 5, 2001 issue of the National Review. In large bold print at the top of the advertisement the words â€Å"What’s Wrong with This Picture?† sit above a picture of four liberals speaking at college campuses. These lib... ...s believe that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. This would be a drastic measure to ban same-sex marriages in the United States. Thus, both of the articles contribute evidence to the fact that the National Review is a strongly conservative magazine. The National Review, a widely known conservative magazine, does not hide its conservative nature. It openly ridicules Democrats (liberals), such as President Clinton, and widely praises Republicans (conservatives), such as former President Bush. Most of the articles in the magazine are written about subjects that have two clearly defined political positions, liberal and conservative. These articles, as well as the images found in the magazine, explicitly show that the magazine is strongly conservative. The National Review is one of the best examples of a classic conservative magazine.

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