Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How Is Digital Learning Going To Change Education Research Paper

How Is Digital Learning Going To Change Education - Research Paper Example From the report it is clear that the improvement in the web- based technology has further helped teachers of the educational institutes to effectively use various online resources for delivering accurate information to the learners. The implementation of technology in the education sector opens new possibilities for the learners to share different ideas and facts. Digital learning process makes the teaching process easier for the educators. The topic so selected for the purpose of research examines the effectiveness of applying digital way of teaching in the classroom. This paper tends to evaluate the effectiveness of online learning for learning. While innovation within different sectors including the educational sector is increasing at a faster rate, but still it is of less importance as compared to the traditional way of teaching. The implementation of digital learning process in the classroom enhances the education process, but lack of technological improvement prevents its appli cation in many schools. The main aim of the paper is to analyse the impact of digital learning in school and education process. The paper examines the positive as well as negative aspect of implementing digital learning process in schools. The paper also tends to evaluate the aspect of digital learning based on â€Å"Westwood International School".  The use of digital learning in the educational institutes can also be regarded as a substitute for the traditional way of teaching.  

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