Sunday, October 13, 2019

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Bill the Butcher, a nativist man, willing to kill and die for his own country. Dislike Irish immigrants, and African Americans, an egocentric man. Bonnie and Clyde a couple who met young, committed their crimes together, and ultimately died together. These notorious characters from history have formed a platform of violence among those around them. Bill the Butcher, and Bonnie and Clyde, their thoughts, their views, and their lives; alike and different at the same time for government/ authority, power, their crimes, their atmosphere ( events surrounding them ), and ultimately their deaths. Bill the Butcher's view on government was that the natives basically run everything. He has a big dislike for irish immigrants coming into the U.S. In the film Gangs of New York Bill the Butcher finds the Irish as a waste of space, of no use, and unwilling to die for the Nations that has opened their doors to them. He is egocentric believing that Natives are superior to any others residing the area, including African Americans. Bonnie and Clyde in ‘’ The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde’’ do not present an actual hate toward government, rather as Milner shows, a sense of rebellious criminals, ‘’ They call them cold blooded killers’’ ( ). The title of the chapter impling who they are, not just thieves, and burglars, but murders. Bill the Butcher was willing in his eyes kill and die for his country, Bonnie and Clyde on the other side, were destroying the government with their crimes, leading officials to investigations, and chase s after the two. Bill the Butcher presents a sense of power in his character, he is the leader of a Nativist gang as Asbury states called the (----) (Page). In the book Bill the Butcher is known as Asbury states ... ... sense of rebellion, and standing your ground, Bill the Butcher not liking the Irish immigrants, even when the government was allowing them to come in; Bonnie and Clyde not settling to live like others in poverty, and if times were hard, well they made times hard for those who were doing well, public officials..''the law..'' (PAGE). Blibliography Asbury, Herbert. The Gangs of New York. Leicester: W.F. Howes, 2003. Print. Milner, E. R. The Lives and times of Bonnie and Clyde. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1996. Print. Gangs of New York. Dir. Martin Scorsese. Perf. Daniel Day- Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Decaprio. Twentieth Century Fox, 2003. DVD. Bonnie and Clyde : Dead and Alive. Dir. Bruce Beresford. Perf. Emile Hirsch , Holliday Grainger. Sony Pictres Television, 2013. Televison Program Movie.

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