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Compairison of amy tans mother tongue snd orwells shooting an elephant Essay

Even though Tan and Orwell have two different approaches to showing a struggle to fit into society, they are actually in agreement that people who come from different places struggle to fit. This common ground becomes apparent through the emotion behind each authors’ writing. In both Tan and Orwell’s writing they show a variety of feelings. These feelings consist of sadness, anger and bitterness. The first illustration of both authors’ accord is the way each of them express sadness from the way they are treated by those around them. It is especially evident that Tan is saddened by the fact that her mother is poorly treated due to her broken English. Tan states â€Å"But they seem just as bad, as if everything is limited, including people’s perceptions of the limited English speaker† (179). This demonstrates the sadness Tan feels for her mother and the difficulty her mother faces to fit into society, bearing in mind it is nearly impossible to fit in with others if their perceptions are skewed. Orwell faces a similar issue throughout his essay as well. The natives of Burma were extraordinarily boorish towards Orwell simply because he was from England. Orwell shows an example of this by opening his writing with â€Å"In Moulmein, in Lower Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people the only time in my life that I have been important enough for this to happen to me† (229). Hatred from all of Burma for no good reason causes sadness upon Orwell, especially when all he wants is to fit in and not be ridiculed. Evidently when the society one lives in is not accepting of them it becomes a struggle to fit it. Tan and Orwell also display strong feelings of anger in their writings. As Tan continues to write, a change in tone is evident. She starts off placid and calm then progresses to a more aggressive angry tone. An example of this is when Tan complains â€Å"And when the doctor finally called her daughter, me, who spoke in perfect English –lo and behold – we had assurances the CAT scan would be found, promises that a conference call on Monday would be held, and apologies for any suffering my mother had gone through for a most regrettable mistake† (180). The above quote demonstrates a sarcastic tone which signifies the author is fed up, annoyed, and even angry. Orwell communicates angers from the very start of his writing when he  tells of a time he was tripped on the football field. A Burman man purposely tripped Orwell in front of the crowed and they all laughed at him, which irritated him and made him mad. Anger is a very strong emotion in which both authors’ express due to frustration from not fitting into society. An even worse emotion compared to anger is bitterness. Bitterness is a vile, putrid feeling. It shows that you have let something get the best of you. Each author displays bitterness in some form or another. Orwell shot an elephant for the sheer fact that he did not want to seem like a fool. If he was not bitter toward the Burmans he would not have allowed them to get the best of him. As far a Tan goes, she says â€Å"people in department stores, at banks, and at restaurants did not take her seriously, did not give her good service, pretended not to understand her, or even acted as if they did not hear her† (180). Tan’s bitterness for the disrespect her mother receives from multiple different people helps her to express her mother’s struggle to fit into society. With everything these two different authors’ have in common its clear they both agree that people from different places struggle to fit in. People from all different cultures and societies struggle to fit in when they go somewhere new. Both authors do a wonderful job at expressing these challenges. They each show as an individual their own personal experiences with struggling to fit into society. Their imagery and emotions make it easy to visualize being in their shoes struggling to overcome the challenges of fitting into society. It is perfectly clear that both author agree upon outsiders struggling to fit into a new society. Works Cited Orwell, George. â€Å"Shooting an Elephant.† Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing. Ed. Nancy R. Comley, 10th edition. New York: Bedford/St. Martin, 2013. 129-134. Print. Tan, Amy. â€Å"Mother Tongue.† Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing. Ed. Nancy R. Comley, 10th edition. New York: Bedford/St. Martin, 2013. 178-182. Print.

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Music as Social and Political Instrument of Change in Latin America

Philosophers and critics have long argued over which way the maxim should read:   does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?   Historically, artists of every medium have contributed to the social dialogue via there works, whether through hieroglyphics depicting a successful journey to the underworld, a holy Requiem for the dead, or shock artist Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexually and religiously controversial exhibits.   Music transcends most art forms as a tool for unification because it inherently invites participation, even more so than dance or theater in the realm of the performing arts, which demand more individual preparation.   Songs and chants can be generated anywhere, and often hearken back to indigenous folk music that taps into a communal experience, thus strengthening the sense of interconnectedness. In Latin American, two similar genres of music developed out of the cultural music of the region in response to contemporary socio-political issues that personally affected in Chile and Cuba.   In Chile, Nueva Cancià ³n (â€Å"New Song†) emerged in the mid-1960s, just as Nueva Trova was taking root in Cuba.   In light of the New Song movement’s intimate relationships in the revolutions that rocked Latin America during the late 60s to mid 70s, one is urged to conclude that Eric Selbin’s assertion regarding revolutions being â€Å"made† not â€Å"arriving† more accurately reflects the inherent ideological influence in socio-political upheaval.   As Nancy Morris records a member of the musical movement saying, â€Å"’[Canto Nuevo is] not just a post-1973 way of singing.   In what is said and how it’s said poetically and musically, Canto Nuevo is a process’† (qtd. in Morris 118). Both musical movements stemmed from artistic reactions to the living and working conditions in Chile and Cuba respectively, and both embraced traditional folk music’s conventions as a platform to express politicized lyrics.   â€Å"New Song began as a fusion of traditional musical forms with socially relevant lyrics.   Although each country has developed variations of New Song that reflect local social and political conditions and musical styles, New Song as a whole can be characterized as music intended to support and promote social change† (Morris 117). In Chile, songwriter, activist, educator, poet and martyr Victor Para wrote songs that for many defined the atmosphere of the movement and the hope of the community. His song, â€Å"Plegaria a un Labrador,† which â€Å"uses Biblical language to convey a message of hope and change,† was chosen as the best song of the Primer Festival de la Nueva Cancià ³n Chilena in 1969 (Morris 120).   Jara’s music (and the music of the entire movement) was like a responding chorus to the political requests of Salvador Allende, the Unidad Popular (â€Å"Popular Unity†) coalition candidate.   In â€Å"Plegaria a un Labrador,† Jara wrote the following lyrics: levà ¡ntate y mà ­rate las manos,  para crecer estrà ©chalas a tu hermano.   Juntos iremos   unidos en la sangre.   Hoy es el tiempo que puede ser maà ±ana   rise up and look upon your hands,   so as to grow clasp your brother’s in your own.   We shall advance together united in our blood.   Today is the time/when we can shape tomorrow. These lyrics suggest a call to arms and a charge to unify (i.e., â€Å"Unidad Popular†) so that the many can affect positive change for the good of the citizenry.   Yet there is still a sense of hope in the song, that the working class have the capacity to stand together and â€Å"advance,† not simply battle meaninglessly against oppression.   Jara went on to openly support Allende, including performing free concerts. Only three years after Allende was elected, the US-supported military staged a coup on September 11, 1973.   Allende most likely committed suicide. â€Å"The music of the Nueva Cancià ³n was severely affect by this media censorship [after the coup]. It was banned from the airwaves, removed from record stores, confiscated, and burned†¦ musicians were exiled, imprisoned, and, in the well-known case of Victor Jara, killed† (Morris 123). On September 12, 1973, Jara and thousands of other Allende supporters were taken to the Chile Stadium, where Jara was tortured and murdered.   The new government tried to silence the Nueva Cancià ³n by forcing the musicians to hide, but the music was not the property of the musicians; as Jara so eloquently wrote, the music was for the working people of Chile, and thus is was not to be completely suppressed. In Cuba, the revolution began with in 1953 with the guerilla attack on the Moncada Barracks and culminated in the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista’s government on January 1, 1959 by a group, which included Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and Ernesto â€Å"Che† Guevara.   After he assumed power, Castro spent the early part of the 1960s eliminating all Batista loyalists, including the mass execution of 70 Batista regime soldiers.   One crucial element of support for Castro’s social change, even in the wake of such brutality, was the proliferation of songs that supported the revolution and its progressive intentions. Artists such as Silvio Rodrà ­guez and   Pablo Milanà ©s were responsible for the Nueva Trova in the late 60s, and their efforts were directed to re-imagining the traditional music for the new culture under Castro’s political umbrella.   To this end, the government sponsored and supported those artists of the movement, because they were, in turn, supporting the progressive movements of the new party.   Both Rodrà ­guez and Milanà ©s wrote songs for Che Guevara, for example.   â€Å"By negotiating their way through Cuban cultural politics, Rodriguez's generation defined their politics in the process, proving Cuban culture to be diverse and inspiring,†¦challenging propaganda clichà ©s by creating the distinctive self- critical songs of the Cuban revolution,† (Fairly 15). In both countries, the music makers were part of the recipe for social and political change.   Their lyrics gave illiterate people a way to express their frustrations and concerns, and the musicians of the Nueva Cancià ³n worked with and against the political forces of their day.   As Fairly writes:  In a country not blessed with newspapers, the words of songs matter: songs like the iconic Ojala, a song about impossible desire and dreams that seems to capture all life's uncertainties in one, became the soundtrack of everyday life across the Spanish-speaking world. Although he was no apologist for the revolution, Rodriguez's popularity at home became so great that people joked that he had gone from being â€Å"banned† to â€Å"obligatory.† (15)  This sense of obligation is part of the way in which many people have a hand in creating and growing massive socio-political movements. Works Cited Jan Fairley. â€Å"Film & Music: Jazz, World, Folk etc†¦ An accidental hero: For Latin Americans, Silvio Rodriguez is the equivalent of the Beatles and Dylan rolled into one. Ahead of a rare UK visit, Jan Fairley met the Cuban singer.† The Guardian Sept. 2006: 15.  Ã‚   National Newspapers, London, UK. ProQuest. 6 Feb. 2007 ;;  Morris, Nancy.   â€Å"Canto Porque es Necesario Cantar: The New Song Movement in Chile, 1973-1983.† Latin American Research Review 21.2 (1986): 117-136. ; ;

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Bipolar disorder3

Bipolar disorder3 Essay Determining Bipolar Disorder in children is harder then adults because of the mistakes doctors make in their diagnosis. All kids have mood swingsis it Bipolar Disorder? Psychologists of today are having problems diagnosing children with Bipolar Disorder because the symptoms are so different from the adult form of the disorder. In children Bipolar Disorder is called Child Onset Bipolar Disorder, known as COBPD (My Child 1). In children the cycling from highs to lows are very fast. Children will cycle between mania and depression many times a day. The episodes of mania or depression are short and rarely go on for more then a day at a time (Childhood 1). Children have longer periods of normal behavior between episodes then adults (Bipolar I Disorder 1). This rapid cycling is called ultra-ultra rapid cycling (My Child 1). Ultra-ultra rapid cycling is mostly associated with the low states in the morning, and then followed by the afternoon and evening with a high increase in energy (Frequently Asked Questions 1). Children usually have continuous mood changes that are mixes of mania and depression (Sutphen 1). In adult Bipolar Disorder, it is called Bipolar Affective Disorder, known as manic depressive illness (My Child 1). For adults the change from manic to depressed can take months. They often have periods of normal behavior in between their episodes of mania and depression (Bipolar 1). Bipolar Disorder is a biochemical imbalance that causes major mood changes from the highs of mania, to the very lows of depression (My Child 1). Doctors say What goes up must come down with the highs and lows of this disorder, but the cycles are very unpredictable and vary in Determining Bipolar Disorder in children is harder then adults because of the mistakes doctors make in their diagnosis. length. The times of depression and mania stages are not equal in time (Basic Terminology 1). In children only about .5% have bipolar disorder. The disorder is most common in males in children (Childhood 1). In adults one percent or about four million people of the population is affected by the disorder (Who Gets Bipolar 1). Bipolar Disorder affects women equally (Expert 1). The normal range of age that the disorder appears in is between the ages 15 and 25 (Alternative 1). The cause of Bipolar disorder is still a mystery. Doctors know that there is a strong genetic condition that may have something to do with it (Childhood 1). One of the most important things to have when diagnosing a child with bipolar disorder is to have an accurate family history (Facts 1). With one parent with the disorder they say the chances of each child having it is 15-30%, when both parents have the disorder the risk incr3eases to 50-75% of each child having it. In siblings and fraternal twins there is a 15- 25% percent, and in identical twins there is about a 70% chance of having the disorder. (About Early-Onset 4). In adolescents a loss or some other traumatic event might trigger an episode of either depression or mania. Later episodes of mania or depression may occur independently because of any other obvious trigger, such as stress, or the episode may worsen with any additional added stresses. Puberty is also a time of risk for children (About Early-Onset 3). There are also factors of the persons environment, stressful life events can trigger an episode from anything from a death in the family to losing a job or Determining Bipolar Disorder in children is harder then adults because of the mistakes doctors make in their diagnosis. having a baby, or moving to a different city (Bailey 1). Nearly anything can trigger a persons change in mood, there might not be any obvious triggers at all (Bipolar 1). READ: Showing the connection between Essay On average people with Bipolar Disorder, especially children, usually go through three to four doctors, and go through about eight years trying to find what works before they can obtain a correct diagnosis (Expert 1). When diagnosing a child with bipolar disorder doctors have to be very careful that they do not make the wrong diagnosis (Childhood 1). It is very tricky to make a bipolar diagnosis in children because of all the other disorders that can go along with it. .

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Influence of modern music on teenagers Research Paper

Influence of modern music on teenagers - Research Paper Example Music has played an important role in the socialization of teenagers. Modern music is present everywhere. The music can be accessed on radios, televisions, Internet, and new technologies and in various recordings. Music has positive effects on social interactions, schoolwork, mood and particularly behaviour.On the other hand, the effects of modern music to teenagers is of paramount concern. Modern music lyrics have become explicit in areas of sex, violence and drugs mostly in particular music genres. Children preference to certain music type may be associated with specific behaviours.Modern music with videos has exposure to sexual messages, substance abuse, violence that might generate significant changes in attitude and behaviors of the teenagers (Cox 2004). Choice of music, interpretation and reactions to teenagers will vary from culture, age and ethnicity. Research has also shown that music will also vary with gender. Parents and other stakeholders have a big role to play in ensuring that their children are exposed to the types of music that will not promote immorality in them. The parents should control and monitor what their kids watch (Kirsh

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Corporate strategy case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Corporate strategy case study - Essay Example In those days, cross-Channel travel was not dominated by the leisure business as it is today. It was used for military action and primarily for trade. Even at that time, around 100 years ago there was no dearth of proposals. Many people especially the French suggested highly sophisticated and technical ideas for the new link. However, because this was before invention of railways these tunnels were not surprisingly road tunnels. The Treaty of Canterbury which set the original ambitious objectives for the Tunnel stated that the Tunnel should "greatly improve communications between the United Kingdom and France and give fresh impetus to relations between the two countries, contribute to the development of relations and exchanges between the Member states of the European Communities and more generally between European States."2 2007 marked the completion of 13 years of an epic tale that has continued to shock, delight and confuse many. This is the story of the Euro tunnel which was a dream come true for many and many knew back then that it would be history in the making. The company is currently on a route to restructuring and revitalisation of the Eurotunnel. 2004 saw the company sink in its profits and revenues. Richard Shirrefs, chief executive of Eurotunnel, said that the cross-channel rail industry was working on a "failed business model" and that you can't have a 25bn infrastructure which is not generating enough traffic - this is a big structural problem' The Eurotunnel has disappointed its shareholders and owners. The debt crises have been alarming and the fact that the Eurotunnel has not been able to generate traffic is also hard on shareholders. Since debts amount to over 6 billion pounds it is difficult to see what the future of the company will look like. 4 Industry and Competitor Analysis The Eurotunnel is part of the Cross Channel Rail Industry. This industry is currently plagued with a lot of problems. One of these is overcapitalisation. There is a pound 10 billion Eurotunnel investment and pound 15 billion public investment. Secondly it has also been under utilised. It is suffering from under utilisation of expensive infrastructure and financial losses. The high access charge paid by vehicles using the Eurotunnel is limiting traffic. It is a highly fragmented channel because of a possibility of rail; ferry or air travels on this route and in conflict. Competition is set to soar by 2010. However, great opportunities abound this new invention. This is because it has been found that people prefer travelling by rail than plane across the channel. On the other hand there is a huge global opportunity for the cross channel rail industry as people find this medium increasingly convenient and fast. Current Strategy It was observed that the Eurotunnel has lost 25% of volume since 2000 and approximately 5 points of decline in market share. Secondly, the company has lost share even in the truck market with a fall in revenue as well as average yield per truck. Initially the Eurotunnel believed in premium pricing and established that if it keeps prices above its competition it will create a premium image and will thereby able to reap profits accordingly. This backfired. The competitors' low pricing strategy

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Current Evet to American Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Current Evet to American Politics - Essay Example However, neither Senator Clinton's association with a highly popular former president nor the ever-increasing unpopularity of the Republican Party, are sufficient guarantees of a Democratic victory. Indeed, as may be inferred from Healey's (2007) article, the complexities inherent in both the party primaries and the presidential elections are certain to make this a difficult race for Senator Clinton. The 2008 elections, whether for either party's nomination or the presidency, are largely complicated by the fact that they represent the first non-incumbent or open-seat race in exactly eight decades. As the American government and political science scholars, Petrocik and Desposato (2004) explain, party primaries and presidential elections usually feature an incumbent as a contender. Ever since 1928, sitting presidents or vice-presidents have joined the presidential race as candidates and, irrespective of whether they win or loose, often pose as extremely strong contenders. In the 2008 elections, no incumbents are running for the presidency or either the Democratic or Republican Primaries. To an extent, this may work in favor of Senator Clinton's race for her party's nomination and, if successful, for the presidency, insofar as she may be classified as a semi-incumbent.

International Marketing 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Marketing 1 - Essay Example The processes followed in the host country are exactly similar to those in the home country. The top management views domestic methods and human resources as the most efficient and superior in overseas markets. An export department controls overseas markets at home and the marketing staff comes from home country. This approach is associated with attitudes of national arrogance and supremacy. It best suits small firms that are just entering international market or firms where relative volume of overseas sales is insignificant making product modifications uneconomic (Wind, 1973). Polycentric management orientation (host country orientation) on the other hand according to Wind is the opposite of ethnocentrism. The term polycentric explains a company’s often-unconscious supposition that each country in which it does business is unique. The directors consider the foreign market too difficult to understand. It holds the philosophy that local human resources, who best understand national market conditions and strategies, are best suited to deal with local market. This is due to national differences and the need for local responsiveness. Home country products are also adapted to meet local needs. However home country managers remain dominant in the head office. Each subsidiary develops its own distinct and independent business and marketing approaches. This approach is best for larger firms and it is characteristic of multinational companies. Regiocentric Orientation management, which Wind also calls a regional orientation, is an attitude that recognizes the significance of national and cultural variations but perceives them as most important at the regional level. The assumption is that the regional workers know their market better and instead of having many representatives in various countries, they can serve an entire region for economies of scale purposes. A regiocentric company views different

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Summary and personal response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary and personal response - Assignment Example She also uses the societal status to illustrate the thinking capacity that subsists between the wealthy and the poor in the society. In this piece, Kim shares her childhood events and experiences as her family is faced with poverty. This paper will briefly analyze Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s habits and establish important aspects relating to the piece. The main purpose of the author in writing this piece is to explain the challenges she experiences in living between two different countries. She articulates her emotional state to the cultural hardships that she has to adjust after her family moved from South Korea to Queens New York. These two countries also have different cultures and beliefs. Her friends go ahead to describe her experience as being ‘fresh off the boat’ (Roen, Glau & Maid 2010). She, however, fails to understand why the kids call her F.O.B while she flew in to the United States with their family. She is coupled with stress as she tries hard incorporating another way of life that she has no experience or accustoms in beliefs. The overall genre of this piece is a narrative essay. The whole piece illustrates her learning process in transforming from a wealthy girl to a poor girl. It also illustrates the challenges coupled with her transformation to different lifestyles as a teenager. Kim uses a variety o f tones such as grief, confusion, as well as frustration. The main overall tone in the piece, however, is frustration. The author is experiencing mental shift and alterations in the societal outlook due to immigrating into the US. The author in fact describes the immigration experience as ‘the great equalizer’. She describes the 1.5 generation issue in which she identifies with due to the adjustment crisis that she faces. However, as time goes by, the tone changes to achievement. She gets comfortable in speaking English as her second language. She also finds out other Koreans like her that faced the same

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Hazardous materials Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hazardous materials - Research Paper Example Hazardous material may take the form of gases, liquids or solids. Hazardous materials are known to be corrosive, toxic, reactive and inflammable. This paper will focus health care hazardous health care material. It will focus on the source, impact and prevention of hazardous material. Hazardous health care waste is produced as a result of diagnosis, treatment, research and immunization of human beings. They are classified as general and hazardous material generated in the health care facilities and institutions (Upton, 2003). It is produced during administrative procedures in the health care facilities. The hazardous materials include pathological, infectious material, sharps, genotoxic material, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste and radioactive materials. The source of the material determines the composition of the waste. These wastes are also generated from the mortuary, drug manufacturers, laboratory and research centres as well as health care facilities and institutions. Infectious material contains pathogens, for example, bacteria, virus and fungi in sufficient concentration to cause a disease or harm in a susceptible host. Pathological materials consist of tissues, organs, body parts, blood and other body fluids which are considered to be infectious. Genotoxic wastes include cytostatic drugs, urine, feces and vomit from a patient who has been treated using radioactive, cytostatic drugs and chemicals (Upton, 2003). Pharmaceutical materials include expired, spilt or contaminated drugs and vaccines. Radioactive material includes liquids and gases containing radioactive material as well as the excretion products of a patient treated with radioactive substances. Health care hazardous waste exposure can lead to disease or injury. The hazardous attributes of the health waste may be due to several characteristics. These include genotoxic characteristics, radioactivity, containing infectious agents, containing

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The Lover Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Lover - Essay Example The backdrop of the story is set in Indochina during Marguerite’s childhood in the prewar period. The protagonist of this thrilling novel, Marguerite Duras, who also happens to be the author, unfolds in simple yet luminous prose, the tale of life, as lived on the borders of Saigon during the days of France’s colonial empire. The narrative focuses on the intricate and passionate relationship shared between two outcasts and their tumultuous love affair. Marguerite Duras’s scintillating novel is written straight from her heart and this is what makes reading it, all the more worthwhile. The author Brecht's Galileo (1940) uses a very emphatic quote that states – â€Å"Truth is the daughter of time, not authority† and in this essay we are going to examine different incidents in the life of Duras and see how they relate to the above quote. The aging author reminisces about the past and the impoverished life she had led with her mother and her belligerent b rothers when they resided in Saigon. The style used for her narrative is like that of a memoir as she unravels the harsh realities of her colonial existence of the 1930’s in French Indochina. During her childhood and even as a teenager, Duras had to face the harsh realities of life while co-existing with her â€Å"beggar family†. ... The trick works for her and she feels much happier when dressed in this fashion. â€Å"The Lovers† (1984) by Duras is a postmodern dreamy fantasy that helps her escape from the wretchedness of her life. This teenaged French girl tries to make good her escape from her demented mother whose life is steeped in utter despair, depression and jealousy. In a twist of fate, the young girl of fifteen happens to meet a Chinese millionaire, a financier who was 12 years her senior. This chance meeting took place as they happened to cross the Mekong River one day. The girl goes all out to surrender and lose herself in his wealth and passion in the hope that her family would be provided for. The millionaire, who though much older to her has traveled across the world and hence has an impeccable refinement about him. Describing him in her first glimpse she states – â€Å"Inside the limousine there’s a very elegant man looking at me. He’s not a white man. He’s wear ing European clothes – the light tussore suit of Saigon bankers. He’s looking at me†. (Duras, 17) Even though this teenager is surrounded and steeped in all that is cheap and humiliating, yet, her strength of character is poignantly etched by the author to be one of strength and great resilience. The protagonists strength of character is one of the most remarkable and memorable aspects of the novel. The courage she exhibits when dealing with matters relating to her demented mother is highly commendable. One of the clear incidents that portray her amazing capacity to help and love those who are weaker than herself can be seen when she interacts with her own mother. For example, when her daughter dresses in an interesting fashion, the bitterness

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Enron collapse A look back Essay Example for Free

Enron collapse A look back Essay Enron was formed as a result of merging with another company and it became a successful corporate. The joy of the business owners is to see how it grows fast and to attract more investors. There are rules and regulation that governs the corporate financial report that is open for inspection by potential investors (Folger, 2011). The audit of these financial reports should disclose the accurate financial state of the company and this should be made known to the stakeholders of the company. The stakeholders of a company play an important role in progress of the business and the going concern of the company (Sterling, 2002). The company of Enron did not manage its debts and therefore looked for means of hiding the truth from its stakeholders so as to continue making profit. Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   The aim of a business is to make profit and be able to pay the debts of the creditors and also attract investors who are interested in the business. Most investor relay on the financial statement to determine whether to invest or not to invest (Folger, 2011). The Enron Company was a big company that was famous and successful before its fall. The corporate attracted many investors since they financial report showed how the business was growing at high rate (Bauer, 2009). However the corporate management did not disclose the true and fair view of the financial reports. The financial report of a company should not mislead the shareholders or its members. Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   Moreover, in the Enron scandal there were some cases in which it showed misconduct of its financial reporting since the corporate did not display true and fair financial accountings to its stakeholders. The corporate used financial fabrication and mark- market accounting to hide its actual debts and real financial situation (Folger, 2011). These reports made the investor believe that the corporate was making profit while it was making losses in real sense. It is also a form of fraud to stakeholders since it cannot meet all its debts and in case of winding up majority of the investors and shareholder would suffer greatly. The Enron scandal was deemed to be great since it had huge debts to settle and its assets could not settle these debts. Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   Indeed, financial misconduct affects a large group of stakeholder and leaves a great mark that cannot be erased (Sterling, 2002). For example the shareholders of Enron corporate were highly affected and suffered a loss of billions that were not recovered since the corporate went bankrupt and the assets of the business were also false in existence. The investors also suffered greatly from these financial misconduct, they lost their resources. In addition, the employees suffered greatly by losing billions of pension benefits due to the misconduct of financial reports which led to the bankruptcy of the Enron therefore could no longer pay them (Folger, 2011). Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   The financial statement of a company is very important to the investors, it gives an over view of the stability of the business and its ability to pay debts. The Enron corporate failed to disclose true and fair view financial statements by hiding its real financial reports and the investors were misled and also due to many investments made by the company lead to its bankruptcy (Sterling, 2002). The purpose of accurate financial reports is to help the investors and also the company to know to what extent they should contract or invest in other businesses. It also helps in managing of the company’s debt thus making profit but the Enron was only interested in making a lot of profits that led to their down fall. Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   Â  Ethics are rules that govern every business and its members on how to conduct their daily roles in the company (Brady, Dunn, 1995). In other words, the managers of this corporate owe their loyalty to its stakeholders and their interest ought to be the interest of the business (Bauer, 2009). In deontology of the Enron corporate, the management had a duty and obligations to display the true statement of finance and also to operate the business in the interest of the stakeholders and not their interest. As the leaders they ought to make sure that the going concern of the business is kept and the assets of the company are secured. In addition, the duty of the Enron managers was to disclose the true and fair view of financial reports (Bauer, 2009). Â   Â   Â   Â   Â   Â  On other hand, utilitarian is a form ethic that is used to show the positive side of the organization, for example by disclosing the false statement to stakeholders thus blinding them of the real situation (Folger, 2011). The Enron leaders used different methods to conceal the truth about its debts and faked the profits. They made the business look attractive and therefore more investors invested in the business. At the end, the ethics rules were violated and the leaders had a role to play .Enron had a role to disclose the truth which could have rescued the company (Bauer, 2009). If at the beginning, the company revealed the truth it would not have ended bankrupt and the employees would have secured their jobs. Finally, the company had a duty to disclose the true financial statements and also save the company from falling and the scandals would have been avoided. The companies should put into practice the ethics governing the corporates. Therefore, to pre vent any future happenings such as the past frauds in the company, there has been an enhanced regulation as well as oversight in the company (Folger, 2011). References Bauer, A. (2009). The Enron scandal and the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act. München: GRIN Verlag. Brady, F. N., Dunn, C. P. (1995). Business meta-ethics: An analysis of two theories. Business Ethics Quarterly, 385-398. Folger, J. (2011). The Enron collapse: A look back. Investopedia, December 1. Retrieved October 25, 2014, at Sterling, T. F. (2002). The Enron scandal. New York: Nova Science Publishers. Source document

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Organized Crime in the Windy City Essay Example for Free

Organized Crime in the Windy City Essay Known for its long period of criminal activity and rise to becoming one of the strongest crime entities, the Chicago Outfits are one of the most notorious and infamous organized groups that had ever hit Chicago. From the time it rose from Mike McDonald to the fall of Al Capone’s Chicago, this group has successfully continued to grow and rein the streets of Chicago. The structure of this group and criminal activities have made a dent if America’s society. According to Michael Maltz, â€Å"An organized crime is a crime in which there is more than one offender, and the offenders are and intend to remain associated with one another for the purpose of committing crimes. † (Abadinsky 2) and according to Donald Cressey it is â€Å"any crime committed by a person occupying, in an established division of labor†¦.. includes at least one position for a corrupter, one position for a corruptee, and one position for an enforcer. † (Abadinsky 2) and even the Federal organized Crime Control Act of 1970 attempts to define what is organized crime is. They broke it down into eight attributes that include and not limited to the following: no political goals, hierarchical, limited/exclusive membership, unique subculture, perpetuates itself, use of violence, monopolistic and governed by explicit rules and regulations. However the term is defined, all three prove that it is a group of more than one individual working together to commit a series of crime that is done in a matter that is planned out. The structure on organized crime in Chicago is based on the group called the ‘Chicago Outfits’ which are made up of ‘made’ members. According to Lindberg, â€Å"the term ‘made’ comes from La Cosa Nostra terminology and requires a blood ritual. This included Italian bloodlines, sponsorship and support of high-ranking members in a complicated process. † (Lindberg) And through this blood ritual, ‘made’ guys who are sponsored by current captains of La Cosa Nostra bring in the one being sponsored. The blood ritual that they mentioned is exactly what it means, a ritual that requires blood. â€Å"They prick your trigger finger and make it bleed, and then they put a little piece of paper; they set it on fire and you burn it in your hand, and you repeat after them that you will never betray La Cos Nostra, or you will burn like the paper is burning in your hand. Your life does not belong to you anymore; your life belongs to them. † (Abadinsky 86) Membership into the crime group is exclusive only to family members of the father’s side that can range from immediate members to distant members, but as long as they have blood ties to the boss, this secures the possibility of undercover agents infiltrating the family crime group. The ‘made’ guys hold senior advisory status while everyone else is a worker. Unlike the organized crime groups in New York, Chicago crime groups are more cooperative with other groups that are usually dominated by Italians. The structure of Chicago’s crime groups is based off of the Patron-Client network which â€Å"consists of a collection of connected points or junctures†. Bibliography Abadinsky, Howard. Organized Crime, St. John’s University, ninth edition Lindberg, Kirsten, Petrenko, Joseph, Gladden, Jerry, Johnson, Wayne A. Mar98, Traditional Organized Crime in Chicago. , International Review of Law, Computers Technology, 13600869, Vol. 12, Issue 1.

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Child Independence And Thinking Skills

Child Independence And Thinking Skills Critical independent thinking skills are very important for your children. These important skills can enhance self-esteem and promote an ability to meet any challenging situation with ease and optimism. However, as parents we can hinder our childrens ability to develop independence thinking skills by helping or doing more than they actually need. Sometimes, we may even never realize that we are actually doing all the work for them. In life, parents just love their children and they want to take care of their children in every possible way. However, parents may also forget that going all the way to help their children may actually hinder their childrens ability to develop independence thinking skills. One of the primary goals of parents is to help children develop the intense desire and ability to think on their own without others help. Independent thinking is the desire or wish of a person to convince him or her that the information and detail being presented is true, worthy or reasonable. Why attitude of independence is important for your children? A child who develops independence skills will always feel more confident about themselves and their ability to solve intricate life problems especially when you are not there. You children will feel on top of the world when they work on their own and without your help. They will also show a heightened enthusiasm to work more to achieve minor goals and objectives. Just think how your children will be excited when they learn to wear their socks or zip up the jacket for the first time without any help from you! Just by doing these simple things, they feel so proud of their ability to do things on their own. Developing independence skills will provide a number of benefits to your children such as: A steep rise in confidence level and self-esteem An ability to solve problems those occur in daily life Developing compassion and love for others An ability to help others when they are in problems Better self-image and enthusiasm When children feel that they can do things on their own, they will also naturally want to learn and master new skills or solve intricate problems. For example, a child who has repeatedly worked on buttoning her blouse and who finally does it without her parents help will naturally demand to try wear that blouse all by herself without help from anyone. Alternatively, a boy who has repeatedly tried to tie his shoelace and who finally does it without his parents help will start trying to slip the shoes himself. You feel normally excited and thrilled, if your children are learning all things with their own initiative. This is what most parents expect from their children too. Obviously, parents also want their children learn new things, skills and abilities on their way to adulthood. However, these events may happen only when parents provide their children an opportunity to try to do things on their own. In nutshell, you may need to encourage independence in your children by watching patiently when your small children try to button their shirts on their own even if they take many minutes. If you lose your patience at this critical juncture, you will probably hindering or preventing your children from learning important independence skills. If you observe that your children are failing in their act of learning new skills, you may need to encourage them to try again instead of helping your children with your own efforts. Independence skills are practical life skills. These skills can easily assist your children develop confidence, feel less scared or nervous and eventually face any situations that are likely to be encountered at school and public places. Regardless of what children, may demand or they feel need, parents may need to try to train them in acquiring critical independence skills and responsibilities. Mind you, it is a lifelong commitment that might be difficult to achieve and satisfy. Not all children may succeed in learning these skills. There could be many reasons for this perceived failure. Development milestones are not the same among all children. Some of them may show keenness to learn independence thinking skills while others may take some more time to learn them. Whatever the case, parents will need to give enough opportunities for their children to learn these skills at an early age. Cleaning up rooms, tables, helping parents finish house chore and getting ready for the school are some of the most important skills that your children can learn. Today, families around the world are busier than ever. Parents also feel bad about not giving enough time for their children. When parents use the available time by working with their children, they can easily teach very important lessons about independence and responsibility. Teaching Your Children Independence Skills How Parents can be Proactive in Training their children Tying shoelaces, buttoning the shirt, cleaning the study table, doing laundry and doing homework on own without parents help these are some of the most common yet important responsibilities for a child. These simple activities may look and feel very simple to many of us. However, they can pose a big challenge for most of the children who are under the age of 10 years. To an adult, these simple jobs may look monotonous and regular. However, these perceived simple tasks may look humungous to most children. There are many skills and techniques that your children mist learn and master before they leave home for their higher studies. Acquiring independence thinking skills at an early age will help your children build confidence and self-esteem. Young children and toddlers often like to do very meaningful and understandable adult-type tasks. Many times, they are too enthusiastic about doing things on their own. What they lack are the techniques or methods to perform these tasks. To help your children succeed in learning independence skills, you may need to set up a congenial physical environment to assist them become more independent. To set up an atmosphere for doing work on own, you may wish to provide: Easy climb and sit chairs; your children should be able to get in and out of the chair independently, Easily climbable stools near sinks and wash places so that children can easily wash their hands before and after eating, An easily reachable waste tub where children can deposit refuse and wastage after snack and dinner time, Cleaning towels and sponges that can help children clean up What you can do to help your children become independent: Providing ample opportunities: Provide plenty of opportunities for your children to learn independent thinking skills. Your children should understand that learning independence skills will help them become efficient and enabled in their classroom and out of it. As a parent, you may wish to cajole your children to do work on their own and without your help. When your children understand that doing small tasks with their own initiatives is good for them, they will try to work on small tasks that are simple and straightforward. Encourage independence: As far as possible, give limited choices for your children. When your children have limited choices in front of them, they will try to achieve excellence in the tasks they want to perform. Ensure that you respect your childrens preferences. Example: Let us say that you are giving drinking chocolate to your children. You may now give just two options for them. Ask this simple question Do you need that orange cup or the blue cup? Alternatively, your children want to dress up for their piano class. You may ask your children this simple question The red dress is that side drawer and the grey one is in the cupboard. Pick the one that you like. Here, your children will try to assess the merit of your question and decide on their answers after thinking over it for some time. Show flexibility towards your children: Becoming independent takes lot of time. Respect your childs natural limitations. Never ever, pressurize your children beyond certain limits. Make sure that you integrate the training within the ambit of your work. Use the available opportunities to teach your children independence thinking skills. Involve your children in making plans: You can ask your children to suggest you ideas to help make the learning program a success. Children can give wonderful ideas. Use their abilities to help them succeed in learning independence thinking skills. Explain what independence is: You may wish to explain the benefits and advantages of mastering independence thinking skills. Tell them how learning such skills will help in classroom and in other places. Let children try to do work on own: Some children will try to do small tasks on own. For example, children love to button their shirts or tie shoelaces. Most children fail in their first few attempts because it is natural; children may not develop the necessary muscle-eye-bone coordination when they are young. Let them try to do their tasks. If they fail, you can help them but with solutions to the problems. Tell them how they can button up their shirts and demonstrate the act by standing in front of them. Be affirmative and reinforce positive assertions: Always, reinforce positive reinforcement and avoid negative ones. Be positive with your children and help your children become positive as well. If they do any task with success, compliment them with your heart. There are a number of independent thinking skills that your children must learn and master to become successful in life. Here are some of them: Note: The most important skill that your children must learn is to realize that mastering independent thinking skills will help them achieve critical goals. 1. Encourage your children to ask questions and find answers with their own efforts 2. Make sure that the questions should always have a why and what happens if component attached to them. 3. Your children should find their own solutions or answers to their problems. Buttoning a shirt is one classic example. Most children often fail in their first attempt. However, they will master the task with continuous repetitions. 2. Teach your children experimentation. Your children should be able to experiment on simple challenges and tasks till they find a valid solution. Please remember that learning independent thinking skills relates very closely with performing most common daily tasks. Children who develop critical independent thinking skills can be very successful in their life.

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The Somewhat Scary Progression of Technology :: Computers

The Somewhat Scary Progression of Technology Technology has carved the path of human existence since our humble origins. It is our curious nature and ever present ingenuity that leads us to create technological wonders of perplexing magnitude. As the first Neanderthal man sharpened a spear and tempered it in lightning born flames he sealed man-kinds future; a future as certain as our past. The pendulum of human dominance started its undulation and science was conceived to replace the ignorance of our times of yore. With our undying fortitude our achievements soared to the sky within heavens reach, surpassing even our own expectations. Although, with this progress also came the burdens of responsibility, and our technology soon outreached the length of our control. Controlled or not, technology has shaped our fate in ways that are unfathomable by the human mind. The future of technology is difficult to foretell, and can only be prophesized by the study of our past. Technology as it exists in current times has taken the digital for. With a matrix of binary number systems; computers process information at speeds mystifying the more appreciative of our race. Our innocence and simple life style has been traded for the raw technology that subsidizes our every day existence. The evolution of technology has spurred the loss of culturally identifying characteristics of our society. Par example, labor has become less skilled and more monotonous in structure. The development of computers destroyed many talented workers who created superior goods with a level of quality unmatched by computerized mass production. Also, technology has lead to the ignorance of much of our youth. Video games have prevented scores of people from experiencing life and its awesomeness. They use false fantasy worlds created in the minds on game designers to replace their scanty reality. This spawns drab people without the necessary experiences to live life. With the advent of technology also came mankind’s loss of privacy. There are many things that the masses do every day that are being recorded and analyzed without our knowledge or consent. The purchases you make, such as beer, are recorded by servers to analyze the effects companies marketing strategy is having on your subconscious (cnn.

My Philosophy on Education Essays -- School Learning Philosophies Essa

My Philosophy on Education My philosophy on education is a bit of Essentialism and Progressivism. I know these are two drastically different philosophies, but they both have certain points of view I agree with. For example, strictness (Essentialism) should be used with the idea that students need to find their own way (Progressivism). As I discuss my own Philosophy on education, these different views on education will be incorporated. Students are children who feel trapped into going to school. This feeling eventually turns into acceptance. They have acceptance that they must go to school to better themselves. Many students fall into the trap of being forced to "make good grades", and end up learning in the process. These students come to college to realize it takes time, some disappointment, and harder work than they were used to in Public Schools. Some never receive a desire to learn and are passed on year by year without proper knowledge of the subject matter. These students eventually drop out, or may graduate without plans of education themselves further. They feel that they did their time, and they want to go ahead and live life. Then there are those exceptional students who yearn for knowledge. They received gratification from an early age that learning is fun and rewarding. My goal is to turn all students into thirsty learners. As I observed in a local elementary school, all three types of these students can be found in a classroom. The ones goofing off in the back of the class have no support from parents. Students who quickly finish their work and suck up to the teacher are often pressured at home to be the best. A thirsty learner’s parents simply want their child to do his/her best. These students... it daily, while "The Gettysburg Address" was quickly forgotten after reciting it one. Reinforcement and progression of knowledge are key, and year-round schooling would be the doorway to a better education for students. I plan to join the Teacher’s Union when I enter the work force. The backing of a group would be helpful throughout my career. I would not like to be stuck in surprising situation (i.e. suing parent), without the assistance of the Union. Education has been the center of my life with both of my parents being teachers. This will never change, and I am now developing my own view on education. Essentialism is important because we would not have made it thus far without it. Progressivism is important because this may be the future. I hope I can integrate both of these philosophies and my view points I’ve mentioned into my teaching career.

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Essay --

Pouya Ghasemlou Professor Lavelle Writing about Literature 102 2 February 2014 Themes and meanings Extreme pride is the core theme in both of the plays. For example, in Antigone, Creon decides not obey the god's wish and decline to give a proper funeral to Antigone’s brother. Since Creon is too fulfilled to accept his fault and also he wants to keep the appearance before the people he decides to execute Antigone. He is very self-satisfied when he established a new law that is the opposite of holy values because no one should establish any law that is equivalent to the God’s commandment. When Teiresias tells Creon of his fate, Creon refuses to believe this; thus Creon must suffer the loss of his family. Sexual category: the Role of Females The significance of Antigone’s action are deeply under the influence of her sexuality. In fact, Creon admits that one of the main reasons that motivates him to overthrow Antigone is simply due to the fact that she is a female. Even if someone considers the freedom of females with ancient standards he will realize that women in Greek was under a severe restrictions and limitations. Having this in mind, Antigone's disobedience was considered as a potential danger because it was aiming to change female’s character in the Greek society. Antigone chose to be active and this changes one of the vital laws of the Greek culture. Antigone is the Protagonist because at the very opening of the play she disagrees with her sister who is considered to be a ‘good girl’ based on the Greek conception of being good because she unquestionably obeys the laws of the society. In the opposing point, Antigone is an anarchists and refuses to be like her sister. So in a sense, Ismene is Antigone's foil due to the fact t..., the messenger, and shepherd – after he stabs out his eyes he asks to be banished. Oedipus is continuously restless and is always out of his reach. By the end of the play his name has become a curse – he is ashamed of himself and his actions (shows he is a DYNAMIC CHARACTER) – this curse passes on to his children as shown when his two sons and daughters meet their fate. Antigone Based on the fact that she is well aware of her past. For Creon, she is more hazardous than Oedipus, Antigone is more dangerous than Oedipus, especially to Creon. Because of what she and her family has gone through she has a feeling that there is nothing else to lose. Due to the fate her family has experienced, Antigone feels she has nothing to be afraid of. She sheds light on the differences between God’s rule and social rule. She emphasizes that his rules cannot outweigh God’s wish.

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A Comparison of the Influential Role of the Chorus in Sophocles’ Antigone and Euripides’ Medea

A comparison of the influential role of the chorus in Sophocles’ Antigone and Euripides’ Medea It has been said by Napoleon Hill, â€Å"Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another†. This has been put to use in the plays Antigone by Sophocles and Medea by Euripides. The chorus which was an integral part of ancient Greek drama was used in the dramas to play an influential role. However, the group they mainly influenced contrasted and thus will be explored in the essay. The chorus in Antigone is composed of Theban men who were summoned by the newly crowned king Creon. Its interaction was mainly with Creon. Sophocles has shown a relation between the chorus and Creon, both being old and wise men of Thebes. They are introduced rejoicing the victory of Thebes over Argos. As the play develops they get actively involved commenting on every action and decision of the main actors. Its support wavers from Creon to Antigone during the course of the play. The women of Corinth formed the chorus in Eurpides Medea. They chiefly served as a commentator to the play. Euripides has shown a relation between the chorus and the character they interact the most, Medea, as both belonged to the group of women living in the male-dominated society. The involvement of chorus has been minimized after Medea asks them not to interfere in her action of revenge towards Jason. The chorus feeling sympathetic towards Medea gives her their consent on the future happenings in the play, â€Å"I will. You are right to take revenge on your husband. † Being women and able to understand Medea’s miseries, the chorus was moved to such an extent that they supported Medea, a foreigner to their land in killing the daughter of their ruler. This shows them primarily as women before good subject of Creon. Both Sophocles and Euripides have used the chorus to influence the audience. They have conveyed emotions the writer wants the audience to feel for the proceedings of the play. The chorus has also been used to influence the minds of the actors. The chorus in Antigone has little role in influencing the emotions of the audience. They enter the play and introduce Creon to the audience also creating a doubt in the mind of the viewers of his immediate plans which made him call the old Theban men. The chorus is also given the responsibility of informing the viewers of the status of Ismene over her sister being caught denying the law. They introduce Ismene as, â€Å"Here comes Ismene from the palace, Shedding a fond sister’s tears. Her face is flushed† This is different from what was observed in the opening scene where Ismene besides refusing to help Antigone with the burial also warned her of the consequences of her act leading to Antigone telling her, â€Å"you will earn my hatred† . While Creon and Haemon are fighting over Creon’s decision of executing Antigone, Haemon’s fiancee, the chorus justifies both their points for the audience. The play ends with chorus’ last words with the message the writer has tried to convey through the drama. The chorus takes its responsibility of burying the dead while propagating the importance of wisdom. They also criticize Creon’s pride and arrogance associating with Zeus’ hatred towards ‘boasts of a proud tongue’ . The chorus in Medea in the first scene provokes the feeling of sympathy towards Medea from the audience when they say, â€Å"I don’t like the family suffering. I sympathise with them. † This conveys the thought to the audience that the society is sympathetic towards Medea thus she indeed has been done great wrong by Jason. Further in the play when Creon banishes Medea and her sons from the kingdom and gives them only one day in Corinth, the chorus enlightens the audience of the troubles she faces after being banished from the land which gave her refuge. This increases the sense of sympathy from the audience towards Medea. The chorus emphasizes, â€Å"What an impassable sea of troubles, Medea, God has launched on you! Later in the play when Medea confides about her plan of killing Jason’s new wife, the chorus accepts her decision and supports her completely in taking her revenge. But when Medea tells them that she is also planning to kill her sons to punish Jason, the Chorus reacts in a way the audience should have as only it, the chorus and the audience know about her plans, â€Å"Since you have confided this to us†¦ We want to help you, but we can’t reject The laws of human life. We say, Don’t do this! † The chorus also shows curiosity when Medea goes inside her house to kill her sons. The same feeling would have developed among the audience to know whether she is actually committing the sin. The chorus in Antigone also plays the major role of influencing the decisions of Creon and making Antigone realize her mistake. After listening to the sentry about the burial of Polyneices, the chorus, superstitious in nature proclaim suggest Creon, â€Å"Lord, all this time my thoughts have been saying that this might be the work of the gods† This was the first attempt of the chorus to influence Creon to take back his decision of not giving Polyneices a respectful burial. However, this was only responded with anger by Creon who warned the chorus that they might prove it insane and senile as the Gods will not give an honorable burial to the person who came to burn their temples and pillars. Creon had decided to prosecute Ismene along with Antigone; they was then the chorus who questioned him about Ismene who was not involved in the burial leading to a change in mind and Ismene being set free. The chorus and Antigone have a long conversation after Antigone is declared to be hanged. The chorus informs her that she departs from the world with a glorious death. When Antigone compares herself to the Gods, the chorus informs her that she has not resembled the goddess Niobe in her life but they is honorable for her to die like gods. The chorus press on her that she is at fault as she defied the royal orders and make Antigone reflect on the curse on her family regarding marriages. First, her mother married her son, followed by her death just before her marriage. The prophecy by Teiresias leaves a doubt in Creon’s mind and they are the chorus who give her the advice to â€Å"Go and free the girl from her cell of rock, and set up a tomb for him who lies unburied. Creon takes this advice and he rushes to the place of Antigone’s assassination. Hence, a strong influence of the Theban men can be seen on the main characters of the play Antigone. The influence of the chorus in Medea over the characters is negligible as the women only serve as commentators over every action and decision. The chorus attempts to influence Medea not to kill her sons when she confides her plan to them. However, Medea turns down their advice without much consideration. This shows the negligible impact of the chorus on the character. Both the plays were written in ancient Greek times when the society was dominated by men. As the chorus of Antigone consisted of men, they had an active role in the play, their advice was sought, their opinions were heard and they were respected. On the other hand, the chorus of Medea consisting women played a passive role talking to itself and the audience most of the times. Their interruptions in conversations were ignored by the other characters. They also portrays the feministic views of Euripides. They sympathized with Medea and supported her in her decision to avenge Jason for betraying her. They condemned men, who are unfaithful to the wives, a thought common in most women. Therefore, while in Antigone, the chorus has a major influence on the actors, the chorus of Medea mainly influences the audience. Sources referred http://ancienthistory. about. com/od/greekliterature/a/GreekTheater_4. htm http://www. sparknotes. com/drama/antigone/characters. html http://www. shmoop. com/medea/themes. html http://www. shmoop. com/antigone-sophocles/themes. html

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Art history formal analysis Renoir luncheon of the boating party Essay

The subject matter of the painting consists of a group of people assembled on an outside deck that has a wooden railing and a red and white striped canopy. The deck is surrounded by marsh grass and some trees with a river visible beyond them. Upon the river a few boats can be seen, one of them a sailboat. In the immediate foreground there’s a square table with a white tablecloth on which rests several empty wine glasses with apparent red wine residue. A few plates are also visible with fluted glasses upon them, discarded morsels of food and silverware can also be seen. A centerpiece dish of fruit composed of Grapes and pears is flanked by several bottles of  red wine. A few discarded white cloth napkins have been casually cast among the dishes. Seated to the left of center at the table in the foreground is a young woman wearing straw hat with a red flowered hat band. She wears a fine black dress with white lace edging at the neck and cuffs, a dark red scarf draped over neck and down the front of the dress. She wears a black choker around her neck. She’s holding a small brown furred dog close to her face from under its forelegs the dog sits upright upon the table facing her. Behind her to the left standing and leaning with his backside against the wooden railing of the deck, his right arm gripping the railing stands a large man, his face in profile as he looks to the right and slightly back. He wears a dome shaped straw hat with the brim curved upwards its edge trimmed in blue. He has close cropped reddish brown hair and has a full beard and mustache of the same color. He wears a white tank top shirt and white pants. To his right along the railing several feet behind the foreground table stands a woman bent forward, her left arm and right elbow resting upon the railing as she faces the table. She wears a straw hat with a blue hat band the brim curved down. Her dresses is off white and trimmed in red that the neck and cuffs. Facing her with his back to the table sits a man wearing a brown suit and a brown and bowler hat. Behind the woman at the railing at the far left corner of the deck facing forward stands a man wearing a brown jacket with a light blue shirt wearing a cap. Facing him standing with his back to the viewer facing left is a man wearing a black overcoat and a black top hat with a beard. In the right foreground seated facing the table on a wooden chair that is turned backward is a man who looks left toward the railing of the deck, his face in profile. He faces the woman seated opposite him who holds the dog. He is wearing a straw hat with a flat top and black hatband its brim turned up at the back. He has brown hair and a light brown short mustache. He wears a white tank top shirt and dark colored pants. His arms rest forward on the reversed chair back; in his right hand he holds a cigarette. To his right seated at the table is a woman wearing a white brimless hat with a few blue stripes. Her dress is blue with white ruffles trimmed in red at the neck and white cuffs. Her hair is brown a small round earring can be seen hanging from her right ear as she looks up and to the  right. Standing behind her over her left shoulder is a man wearing a cream colored jacket with wispy blue stripes. He wears a white shirt and a black cravat. His hair falls over his forehead and is reddish brown. He has a small mustache and a goatee beard. He is leaning over the woman’s shoulder with his hand resting on the back of her chair, looking down at her. Behind him in the background over his left shoulder is a woman standing facing left, with black gloved hands raised to the sides of her face. She wears an ornate black hat with feathers and a black dress. Standing next to her with his arm around her is a man with a straw hat with a red hat band, wearing a red and white striped shirt. He faces forward looking at her intently. To his right stands another man facing the woman he has his arm around. This man has a full beard and wears a black hat. Behind him seated at the back table is a woman in a flowered straw hat who is drinking from a glass, she looks directly out of the picture plane past the table in the foreground at the viewer. A man seated to her left is barely visible in profile and past the shoulder of the man in the cream colored jacket. The entire scene is brightly lit with ambient light from the open sides of the porch the majority of which were enters from the front left of the picture plane. The white tablecloth on the table in the foreground glows with reflected light and the glasses and bottles on the table twinkle in the light. Part IV – Examination of the Art Objects Medium/Technique/Process Used: The medium used is this painting by Renoir is oil on canvas. The work was painted en plein air (outside) utilizing the alla prima (wet on wet) technique and also the classical layering technique of oil painting employed by the old masters. In these processes the first step would require the preparation of a surface on which to apply the oil paint. A linen canvas would be stretched around a wooden frame and tacked into place. The surface of the canvas would then be protected from the acidic qualities of the oil paint by applying layers of rabbit skin glue and chalk known as a ground. Next a primer of white lead paint or glue mixed with chalk â€Å"gesso† is added to provide a base layer for the painting. A rough outline of the scene would then be sketched onto the canvas as a guide for painting. Next the creation of a palette from which to paint from would require selecting the proper pigments. (Eastlake pg.234) For the portions of this work that were painted en plein air in the alla prima technique in the Impressionist style such as the tableware in the foreground Renoir would have used portable tubes of pigmented paint. Other portions that were executed in his studio employed classical oil painting techniques of layering colors and then glazing which creates a lustrous glow and provides the three dimensional quality of modeling. This technique is evident in the modeling of the forearm and the hand holding the cigarette of the man seated at the table in the right foreground. Colors would then be applied to their proper regions according to the sketch starting with the darkest and ending with the lightest, a mosaic upon which the details and highlights could then be painted. Finally upon completion the painting would be sealed with a varnish to protect its surface. (Sanders pg.11) Part V Examination of the Art Objects Composition (its Form Organization): 1. Identify and describe a specific incidence of composition from the list found below: A. Line: Renoir uses a sharp clean line to define the arm of the man seated at the table in the right foreground. The precise outline of the arm adds to the contrast of color between the arm and the man’s white shirt, the white tablecloth, and chair adding perceived depth to the shape of the arm. In contrast Renoir’s use of line in creating the marsh grasses outside the balcony is loose and diffused, giving the grass a perceived movement and depth. B. Shape: The semi circular shape of the awnings scalloped edge is distorted into curving points giving the illusion that the awning is swaying in the breeze adding a sense of movement to the air that is picked up by the grasses beyond it. C. Space: The open space left of center, framed by the two men in white tank tops allows for an unobstructed view of the landscape beyond providing perspective and contrasts the densely populated right side of the picture adding to the intimacy of the assembled group. This open space also directs the viewer gaze to the centerpiece of the table which is the symbolic heart of this painting. D. Color: Applications red are spread about the painting accenting the amorous qualities of the subjects depicted. Most evident in the women in varying profusion and intensity, the color red highlights the garments at the cuffs and necks, in the flowers they wear on their hats, and on their lips. Although more subtle, accents of red are present on the men as blushes to their face or on their lips. The most overtly amorous male in the right to the back wears a shirt and hat both striped with red. The most overtly sexual female seated, at the table in the left foreground has red tracing her neck and an explosion of red in the flower on her hat. Finally the red striped awning with its tong like flaps covers the entire flirtatious scene. E. Texture: Renoir employs variations in color, shadowing, and white highlights to render the textural appearance of the straw hat worn by the man seated at the table in the right foreground. F. Pattern: The diffused lines of blue/green create a layered pattern in the marsh grasses outside the porch rendering the effect of overlapping leaves with combined density. G. Time and Motion: The motion in this painting is imparted by the marsh grasses and awning gently swaying in the breeze. The aspect of time slowly passing is expressed through the sailboats gliding along the river and in the leisurely poses of the subjects along the railing. 2. At the end of this set of paragraphs identify any art elements you think is not found or used in the art objects composition.

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Education and Unemployment Essay

1. In your own opinions, suggest how you can manipulate the supply of educational opportunities as a policy variable. 2. Suggest policy considerations for the government in respect to educational expansions. 3. State the implications for international donor agencies. INTRODUCTION: Edgar Edwards and Michael Todaro argue that an investment in education past the literacy stage is an investment in idle resources. They have some good and bad arguments and below, I am going to critique their arguments critiquing their points with the help of facts, statistics and logical reason. Their main argument is that an investment in education is an investment in idle resources, since the number of unemployed has been rising as the number of people who pursue post-literacy education. ARGUMENT: The two writers have both good and not so good points in their argument against post-literacy education. Firstly, by saying that â€Å"the average level of education among the unemployed and underemployed appears to be rising, suggesting that the growing investment in educational systems is increasing an investment in idle resources†, it’s actually true. The average number of people who have pursued education higher than the primary school level, in this case, the literacy level, has been rising over the past few years. The table below shows the trends, as compiled by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and UNESCO. | 1999| 2000| 2001| 2002| 2003| 2004| 2005| 2006| 2007| Primary School| 6,078,024| 6,078,024| 5,941,610| 6,062,742| 7,159,523| 7,394,763| 7,591,528| 7,632,113| 8,229,266| Secondary School| 724,758| 762,414| 753,525| 781,601| 882,513| 926,149| 934,149| 1,030,080| 1,180,267| TOTAL| 6,788,858| 6,840,438| 6,695,1335| 6,844,343| 8,042,036| 8,320,912| 8,525,677| 8,662,193| 9,409,533|. | 2003| 2004| 2005| 2006| 2007| 2008| 2009| Enrolment in University| 82,100| 91,500| 92,316| 112,229| 118,239| 122,847| 177,735| From the table, we can see that as from 2002 when the government introduced free primary education, the number of children enrolled in school sky rocketed, and so did the number of people who got the chance to attend secondary school. Edwards and Todaro also argue that â€Å"rapid expansion of formal education beyond literacy levels without constructive efforts to create meaningful employment opportunities is likely to generate political as well as educational unrest†. This is so because the number of people graduating from our universities is higher than the number of jobs being created in any specific year. Politics plays a big role in the educational sector, since the MP’s are the decision makers and moreso because the corrupt few reduce the funds available for development, or more funds are directed to developed areas rather than to the marginalised so as to help them develop. According to the book â€Å"Education and development in Africa†, it’s stated that so as to improve African countries, it’s not only the provision of education that matters, but also the quality of it. This is a determinant in the levels of unemployment, since those from well-off schools are regarded in higher esteem, as compared to those from schools that are not known for academic excellence, even though both candidates have the same credentials. This results in the candidate from a renowned school getting a job, while the other candidate misses out, creating unemployment. Unemployment is†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ while underemployment is†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..

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Marketing Segmentation of Adidas

Adidas is a major German sports apparel manufacturer, which was founded in 1948. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, after Nike. The company's clothing and shoe designs typically feature three parallel bars. The company revenue for 2009 was listed at â‚ ¬10. 38 billion. The market segmentation; targeting and position play an important role in this company. This essay will use the three factors to analyze this company. Market segmentation Market segmentation was to dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, charactistics or behaviour who might require separate products or marketing mixes, the company will first identifies different way to segment the market and then develops profiles of the resulting market segments. As market consist of many buyers, they may differ in their wants, buying attitudes and buying practices, so a seller might design a separate market program for each buyer. Adidas mainly focus on demographic and psychographic segmentation. So Adidas develops their brand in 3 different styles according to the segmentation. Demographic segmentation refers to dividing the market into groups based on demographic variables, such as sex and age, which this method has long been used in clothing market. They branded products into range of male, female and kids, according to age and life cycle segmentation and gender segmentation, after all they can have products that can fit to almost every demographic possible. Adidas has a branded range of male and female clothing, shoes or body-care and eyewear, which all three brands of Adidas; Performance, Originals and Style also provide products for this segment. Ppsychographic segmentation was to dividing the market into groups based on social class, life style or personality characteristics. Adidas focus on social class because people within a given social class tend to have similar buying behavior. People interest in many goods is affected by their life style and many goods they buy are expressions of their lifestyle, people who loves outdoor activities and sporty style will tends to buy Adidas products. By using personality variables to segment markets, giving their products personalities that correspond to consumer personalities. From the fundamental marketing concepts, it is important to satisfy customers need and meet their expectations, in orders to keep royal consumer. Adidas has did a successful job in this area, because many people who are experiencers and image drivers believes that Adidas provides products which are fashionable, good looking and can be functional too. So Adidas Originals was designed to focus on fashion and life-style. Adidas segment customers like athletes, gym regulars, sports enthusiasts, brand freaks and image seekers. Adidas often have work with different athletes, which produce products that enhance performances. Adidas Performance currently manufactures several running shoes, football kit and associated equipment, being official outfitter of NBA, golf equipments, training and more other sports. Adidas also featured with Y-3 and Adidas NEO Label provided crossover products with different brands that customers who loves either brands would also attracted to buy their products. Market targeting Market targeting is evaluating different market segments, a company must look at three factors: segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources. (Kotler et al 2010, p277) After evaluating different segments, Adidas adopts market coverage strategy which is differentiated marketing. For using this, Adidas decides to target several market segments, and separate offers for each. (Kotler et al 2010, p278) Thus, the company of Adidas has three different types of product for ustomers, which are Performance, Originals and Style. Here is the table shows three sub-brands of Adidas. Brand of Adidas | Target market| Performance| the customers who like sports. it’s everywhere around the global where sports are simply played, watched, enjoyed and celebrated. | Originals| focuses on streetwear and lifestyle fasions. | Style| Y-3 targets a forward-thinking fashion consumer. SLVR is the smart fashion sportswear label within adidas Sport Style. NEO label is targeted to appeal to the fashionable teen (12- to 16-year-old) who is fully engaged in life, be it through social networking, family, friends, outdoor or sporting activities. | (Adidas group 2009) Those brands allow Adidas to address multiple consumer needs, exploit market opportunities from various angles as well as be less affected by one-dimensional market risks. Considering each sub brand, it uses market coverage strategy which identifies as a market coverage strategy in which a company goes after a large share of one or a few submarket. Kotler et al 2010, p279) For example, Adidas Orginal promotes classic style. It comprise the side collection of numbers of items such as sneakers, clothes, eyewear an watches. In addition, it promotes for different gender, also it targets on customers refer to their lifestyle, which are interest, hobbies and personality , for example, the people like skateboarding would like Adidas Original. adidas Originals with its Trefoil logo has become a relevant part of many people’s lives, whether they are skaters, rockers, artists, musicians, sneakerheads, sports fans and so on. In 2011, Adidas Originals promotes a new line which is denim collection. Market positioning After the market segmentation and market targeting, the next step is market positioning, positioning played an important role for a company to get success and the definition of positioning is designing the company’s offering and image to the mind of buyer (Kotler et al, 2010 p. 280). From the definition of positioning we can easily understand positioning is not what company do to the product, it’s what company do to the mind of consumer elative to competing products, therefore, company can through a valuable proposition, positioning provide the reasons for purchase in the mind of the customers. Firstly, Adidas is a company focus on producing and selling sports goods, which include footwear, clothes and some sports equipment. Therefore, Adidas invested a lot of money to major sport events and major sports clubs around the world to promote and positioning the impression of the Adidas’s sports products as the world leading high quality and most popular sports producer. In addition to using celebrity and well-known club to endorse products, Adidas also constantly using innovation of technique to improve the quality of product, and employ world’s best designers to make their products more popular. As a result, Adidas positioning their products more popular and high quality in consumers mind. Secondly, Adidas is now positioning their new products to be â€Å"faster†. For example, the new basketball boots â€Å"Dwight Howard Superbeast† which was represented by NBA basketball star Dwight Howard is the lightest professional basketball boots in basketball history. This boots make the basketball players run much faster and make stronger move than wearing other shoes. (No author, July 2010) As well as football boots, the â€Å"F50† football boots that represented by the best footballer in this decade Leonardo Messi is one of the lightest football boots in the world. (No author, March 2010) Thirdly, relative to competitors such as Nike, Adidas is more focusing on basketball such as NBA, Adidas is the main provider of all home kits and away kits of 20 teams in NBA, this make Adidas the best producer of basketball wearing products in consumers’ mind. In conclusion, Adidas has become a world leading producer of sports wear by positioning themselves as high quality, popular, and faster. Conclusion In conclusion, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, which are the three important factors in Adidas Company’s marketing. Market segmentation, you should focus on demographic and psychographic segmentation, Adidas can develop brand in 3 different styles, and it can result in get more profit from different style customer. Adidas target on the customers who like sports, such as FIFA World Cup or the NBA All-Star Gam. It can be seen that Adidas have more chance in big money events; it can help the company improve brand equity and enhance the company target. Adidas positioning on sports goods is high quality and popular, it is very suitable for the younger. If Adidas Company fully to use market segmentation, targeting and positioning three steps, I believe that Adidas becomes the first brand in the world in the future. ReferenceKotler, P, Brown, L, Burton, S, Deans, K ; Armstrong, G, 2010, Marketing, 8th Edn, Person Australia, Frenchs Forest NSW.Adidas group 2009, Adidas strategy, viewed in 12 May, March 2011, viewed in 12 May,Adidas July 2011, viewed in 12 May, ;;

'Tort Law gives unjustified preference to corrective justice over Essay

'Tort Law gives unjustified preference to corrective justice over distributive justice.' Critically evaluate this statement - Essay Example Some scholars like Coleman (1994) have argued that the nature of the law of torts favors the corrective ends, whereas others like Konow (2003) as well as Wolf and Musselman (1990) argues that there is a need for the law of torts to strike a balance between the distributive and the corrective ends of the law. Not withstanding the foregoing controversial debates, the law of torts tends to lean its balance more towards the corrective end than the distributive ends. Tort Law: Basic Features The term â€Å"tort† is a word that is derived from Latin word â€Å"tortum†, to mean â€Å"injustice â€Å"or wrong. The law of tort therefore proceeds from recognition of the fact that some acts in society may be unjust and therefore needs to be corrected through the law. According to Coleman (1994), a tort may be defined to mean â€Å"a wrongful act that causes injury to a person or property and the law allows for a claim by the injured party to be compensated for damages.† S ome of the generic labels that have been associated with torts include â€Å"breach of duty† although this is just on of the major concepts in the law of torts. The law of tort has no absolute formulas through which questions are resolved. Both the legal scholars and the judiciary have pointed out emphatically the facts that the law of torts is a complex process that is never mechanically applied nor is it static; rather it often depends on circumstances of the case, and that as time elapses, more and more torts get discovered (Blomqiuist [1990]; Koestler V. Pollard [199]); Patel [200]). The tortseeks to reflect the balance the society seeks to strike between competing values. The facts in the case in question determine the right decision. For instance, automobile drivers are made liable to the injuries that they cause as they carry out their duty but only if the injury results from their fault or negligence. On the other hand, manufactures take the liability of the injuries stemming from their defective products, the reasonable care they might have taken not withstanding. Most individual torts require that fault be shown on the defendant’s part. More often, the extent of the defendant’s fault will form the basis of the liability that the defendant bears to the plaintiff. This is the case with torts such as negligence, defamation, nuisance and trespass. However, within the law of torts there are also cases of strict liability torts where the defendant will not be required to prove fault on the part of the defendant; it will suffice for purposes of tortious remedies against the defendant that the plaintiff suffered damage and that the damage was occasioned by an action or omission of the defendant (strict liability torts).Generally, at common law, the strict liability torts are restricted to activities that are hazardous. There is also Liability for Defective Products Act, 1991 which creates strict liabilities on manufacturers with regard s to health sustained by consumers of their products. The principle function of the law of tort is to establish weather there is an offence and if there is to come up with a remedy. At common law, damages are the most widespread remedy. In such a judgment, the defendant is normally required to offer financial compensation to the

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Research Proposal

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) - Research Proposal Example This society is a privately funded 501 (c) (3) non- profit corporation and could boast of more than a million supporters around the country. The noble visions of the ASPCA have spread its tentacles far and wide all around the world and have over the past years been battling with the government and other organizations to pass more humane laws where animals are concerned. Their main aim is to strive hard towards the day when each and every animal would live in peace, without any pain or fear. ASPCA’s Activities - Rescuing animals from dangerous situations and saving their lives is the prime activity of the ASPCA. Most of these animals are pets who have accidentally got into problems such as poisoning, caught in a fire, fallen into well or pit, or climbed so high and are unable to get down. They also rescue poor animals who are brutally abused and neglected. The Mission of the ASPCA as put down by Henry Bergh in 1866 was â€Å"to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.† The Society has a rich history of challenges as well as victories from the time of its inception. Some of these challenges are providing not only protection but care to the working horses in the city and also transforming the many dog pounds into adoption facilities that are professionally undertaken and run. Another of its victories was the founding of an animal hospital which is still in existence even today. Specially trained staff is on call duty round the clock at the ASPCA Animal Poison and Control center. Highly trained staff and veterinarians dedicate themselves to providing good quality medical care. The ASPCA Animal Behavior Center render free training and advice by animal experts and pet loss support services. The organization also renders services throughout New York City for all the low- income

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Analysis of a compelling project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Analysis of a compelling project - Essay Example While I agree with several of Lanier’s criticism’s of Technology, I nonetheless believe wholeheartedly that Technology is leading us forward and that it is revolutionizing communication in an ultimately positive manner. That said, Technology remains very unpredictable – as in the case of technological singularity – and often difficult to manage and direct once it has been released into the culture, particularly via the economy. Once the marketing cycle has taken up a piece of Technology, its future leaves the hands of the designer forever. Therefore, designers and technologists need to take our embryonic design steps very cautiously as we advance even farther into the realm of Technology. As Lanier explains: [Technology] can change how you conceive of yourself and the world. [Designers and technologists] tinker with your philosophy by direct manipulation of your cognitive experience, not indirectly, through argument. It takes only a tiny group of engineers to create technology that can shape the entire future of human experience with incredible speed. Therefore, crucial arguments about the human relationship with technology should take place between developers and users before such direct manipulations are designed (6). This supposition on the part of Lanier’s I agree with one hundred percent. ... Artificial Intelligence typically receives a negative treatment in the media, particularly in the cases of dystopian visions of a world once Technological Singularity has occurred. The standard plot line features hapless human beings at the mercy of or terrorized by malevolent Artificial Intelligence forms such as those found in I, Robot, Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and AI. The dystopian nightmare scenario of Technological Singularity received full treatment in the 2004 to 2009 sci-fi television series Battlestar Galatica, wherein a race of Artificial Intelligence life forms created by human beings and called the Cylons evolved to the point where they declared war on their human creators, exiled the human beings from their home planet, and hunted them mercilessly across multiple galaxies. While the dystopian, negative treatment of Technological Singularity may be the norm, it originates largely in fear and ignorance. I am not a technophobe, and I do not believe in the inhere nt dystopian view of Technology and Artificial Intelligence. I do however believe in mindful awareness of the power of technology to transform human society – for good or ill. In Lanier’s words, I understand that â€Å"Technology is not innocent, because its consequences are too direct† (Lanier 5). I found the topic of Week Four, You Are Not A Gadget: Technologies, Devices, Mediations to be the most appealing one and the lecture most aligned with my studies. The readings for this topic relate more with my interests in Design and Technology, and I believe that conducting research about this topic will benefit me in my future endeavors in the field of Design and Technology. Before coming to the

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Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Information System - Essay Example Recent studies indicate that creation of new software systems requires the inclusion of the varied customer needs and demands. It is a complex task to include all the customer needs and requirements in to one software system. Development of new software systems faces the challenge of not being able to meet the customers requirements. Generalization of software systems is the only way to go while creating new software systems and yet there are records of several unused software licenses (Carlsen, Roger, &Willis, pg 17). This is because most software customers find the generalized versions, not up to date, and would prefer using customized software. On the other hand, it is more complex and expensive to create personalized and customized software systems, as it will require time and customer consultations. The success of creation of new software systems that most people will use will depend on how well the technical community that develops software systems understands the needs of the users. New software systems developers work in teams of people in order to increase productivity and innovation. In most cases and most of them are not fit for high-performance teams. Software creation requires people who are willing to think and work beyond the normal, and this can only be present in a highly motivated and effective team. Regarding the information science field, creation of a new software system will be lengthy, and is costly to complete fruitfully the development process (Sahu, pg 25). The world of information technology keeps on changing rapidly and by the time given software comes to the market; it may be already out dated. The ever-increasing competition in the software industry makes it even hard for developers to come up with new software systems that will match the ever-changing market (Carlsen, Roger, &Willis, pg 7). Another notable challenge facing development of new software systems is the overly rigid processes