Thursday, October 31, 2019

Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Film - Essay Example The developers blend the diverse features of the film effectively thereby creating a cohesive film that communicates effectively through editing. City of God is an example of a film that portrays the power of editing among other film development techniques in creating films. Editing provides an effective way for the developers of the film to infuse diversity yet achieve a degree of both cohesion and coherence in the film as the discussion below portrays. Editing refers to the process of eliminating errors. However, the definition is broader in the development of films than it is in literature. In film development, editing does not only eliminate errors but also provides the developers of the film with an opportunity to add specific features that would enhance the connection of the various scenes thereby creating a cohesive and coherent plot capable of communicating specific themes. A number of scenes in the film are studio creations while others are shot on location. The fusion between the two creates perfect blend that tells a cohesive story, one that armatures cannot tell the differences in the locations. The director of the film employed professional editors who portray their editing genius as they add effects among other editing elements to achieve the cohesive film that communicates effectively. Editing plays an integral role in the creation of the film. Such features and elements as lighting, camera shots, camera angles, music and graphics among many others help add diversity in a film. In employing such, film developers must observe such basic concepts as balance and harmony in order to create a cohesive film. The same is the case in the film, City of God. While some scenes in the film were shot from locations, others are studio creations. Creating scenes in the studio requires appropriate editing techniques in order to balance the various features. In

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