Friday, October 18, 2019

Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 102

Discussion - Assignment Example Critical thinking is very important especially in academics. It develops the creation of ideas, building of principles and formulation of theories. Critical thinking enables students to determine the credibility of hypothesis and experimental results. Critical thinking enables one to collect information, sum them up, select the preferred theories and arguments and be able to justify the conclusion taken. Bifocals are glasses with two different prescriptions ground into each lens, making it possible to focus at two different distances from the wearer. In this case bifocal is the term. The definition serves its main purpose by explaining what the term means. The definition given here is a lexical definition; they tell us what the word ordinarily means. (Parker & Richard, 2014). This is an analytical definition. It explains the features that a thing must have in order for the term being described may fit its description. Seventy percent of all freshmen at State College come from wealthy families; therefore, probably about the same percentage of all students at State College come from wealthy families. The premise is 70 percent of the freshmen at State College come from wealthy families. The Conclusion is most of the students in State College come from wealthy families. This argument is valid, because it guarantees its conclusion

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