Friday, September 13, 2019

The Social Injustice Shell Gas is Putting on the Nigerian Delta Research Paper

The Social Injustice Shell Gas is Putting on the Nigerian Delta - Research Paper Example The typical day of the Nigerian Shell employee is filled with inhaling the dangerous gas fumes from the daily extraction of the natural gas emissions. Likewise, some of the gas pipes often break from the pressure coming from the earth’s exiting gases (Rosenau 9). Consequently, some leaks occur from cracks in the weakened gas pipes. Some of the people are happy with the current situation. Some place more importance on earning money from the Shell jobs over their health. The Shell Company jobs help reduce the poverty level in the Nigerian Delta. Priority should be placed on emphasizing how many people must die for our oil intake in (Paden 47). Mass genocide, through oil spill poisoning, that is being implemented by the government and the Shell Corporation on the Nigerian people should be stopped. Nigeria’s culture, ecosystem, and sustainability before shell. Before Shell Company’s intrusion, the Nigerian Delta was a densely populated enjoying daily breath of fresh unpolluted air. The people lived on fishing and other maritime jobs. The ecosystem before the intrusion of Shell Company was in a better balance. Human rights violation was absent before the entry of Shell Company into the lives of the Nigerian Delta people. The government was less corrupt prior to the entry of the Shell pipelines when compared to the government corruption after the entry of Shell Company . The skies were bluer then. The people can swim in the water. In addition, fishing was a thriving business endeavor. In terms of economics, the people can now work for Shell as one of its pipe maintenance engineers. The job entails ensuring that there are no leaks. Leak prevention is a vital job of the Shell employees. The lives of the people living in the community are at the hands of the employees of Shell Company (Nigeria 66).

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