Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Newspapers and Television Media Forum Types Essay

Newspapers and Television Media Forum Types - Essay Example The researcher states that there are immensely significant problems that both newspapers and television point out, and under the domains of the political regimes, the same become even more important. These touch upon the negativities that have marred the politics of the time, the constant developments happening for the sake of the masses, the inter-linkages and relationships that have cropped up every now and then amongst the political forces, and so on and so forth. The need is to understand how the newspapers and television have been able to cover just about everything that is of interest to the general audiences, who are the masses indeed. The element of exposing the political process is something that comes out in the open with the incorporation of the newspapers and television in the long run. What is even more necessary is an understanding that newspapers and television have been associated with finding out the details that no other avenue of life has been able to muster up. Th e element of persuasion attached to both newspapers and television is there because people depend on them for their credibility that they bring to the fore. Merely the fact that the news is present on the airwaves or in the print suggests that it has credibility which could be trusted upon and sought verification from the people who are in charge of the same. However, there are trust issues amongst the people from different cross-sections of life but more or less, the people do believe the written word and the news that are run on the television. Within a political campaign, the persuasion is a core basis of the work that the newspapers and television do. Both these media forums basically educate and inform the voters about the role of the political parties and the campaigns that are being done. What is even more significant is the fact that the element of persuasion gets an indelible impression on the minds and hearts of the people if they have read it in the newspapers or seen it for their own selves on the television. An element of belongingness seems to come along with what is there on the newspapers and on television. This is the reason why many political campaigns center on the usage of both newspapers and television for their political mileage as well as to reach select target audiences. This is one of the core reasons why immense success has been achieved within the related ranks under the discussion of persuasion leading up to the political campaigns and processes.

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