Saturday, September 7, 2019

Five causes for the public not to trust government, and five causes Coursework

Five causes for the public not to trust government, and five causes for the public to trust government - Coursework Example (Nye Jr., 1997) These are indeed pretty much required because the public views the government as its ultimate savior at the end of the day and if the government misses out on this tangent, then the public has only the government to blame and no one else. The third cause for the public not to trust the government is the way in which government officials run away from the people after they have been elected to their respective offices. This creates a sense of insecurity within the people and they start disrespecting law since they are being continuously treated the wrong way by the government. The fourth cause is the way the government changes its stance every now and so often when it comes to the general and important policies which are drafted by the government on a consistent basis. This is a very pivotal aspect of the debate since these policies indeed pave the way for the future lives of the public. The fifth and last cause includes the government giving up on the service aspect o f the public. This usually happens when the government loses the plot and goes into doubling its own assets and forgets the general public. (Diiulio Jr., 1994) There are also moments when the public trusts the government and this is indeed an aspect which could be seen in the positive aspects under the relationship between the two. First cause includes the way when the government meets the expectations of the public as well as exceeds the very same time and again. This is appreciated by the public and is looked up with a sense of pride and confidence by the people. The second cause of the public trusting the government is when the government takes care of the most basic utilities that are related with the people. This is a very positive aspect and one that needs high praise for the government. The third cause for the public to trust the government is when there are rescue and relief operations carried out on a quick basis by the

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