Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Relationship between education and health status Research Paper

Relationship between education and health status - Research Paper Example The study, of the relationship between education and the health status, is crucial since lifestyle related diseases are becoming increasingly rampant and can only be controlled if people are well educated on the same. When people speak of health status and education, it may not be obvious as to which form of education they are referring. It could be that they mean the formal education offered in schools, or the informal education offered concerning health and general wellbeing. This paper seeks to explain the relationship between education and health status of individuals. Fayissa et al (2011) explain that the relationship between health status and education is a two-way process. This, they explain, means that changes in the education quality and level of an individual affects the health status the same way the health status affects the level and quality of education. According to Fayissa et al (2011), poor health status has serious negative effects on the education of an individual. An appropriate illustration, they say, is the fact that an individual infected with such serious diseases as HIV and AIDS do not have the motivation to acquire education. This was established by a study carried out by Cutler and Lleras-Muney (2007). The study, carried out among college-age students, indicated that those with little or no education are less concerned about their health status. It was, however, concluded that in considering the effect of education on health status and vice versa, other aspect had to be taken into serious consideration. For example, such fac tors as the economic status of the family from which the individuals came from mattered a lot. An individual could be uneducated, but since they were financially stable and could afford to pay for insurance covers, they took more precaution and were so much concerned about their health. According to Cutler and Lleras-Muney (2007), the relationship between education and health

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