Monday, August 19, 2019

The Somewhat Scary Progression of Technology :: Computers

The Somewhat Scary Progression of Technology Technology has carved the path of human existence since our humble origins. It is our curious nature and ever present ingenuity that leads us to create technological wonders of perplexing magnitude. As the first Neanderthal man sharpened a spear and tempered it in lightning born flames he sealed man-kinds future; a future as certain as our past. The pendulum of human dominance started its undulation and science was conceived to replace the ignorance of our times of yore. With our undying fortitude our achievements soared to the sky within heavens reach, surpassing even our own expectations. Although, with this progress also came the burdens of responsibility, and our technology soon outreached the length of our control. Controlled or not, technology has shaped our fate in ways that are unfathomable by the human mind. The future of technology is difficult to foretell, and can only be prophesized by the study of our past. Technology as it exists in current times has taken the digital for. With a matrix of binary number systems; computers process information at speeds mystifying the more appreciative of our race. Our innocence and simple life style has been traded for the raw technology that subsidizes our every day existence. The evolution of technology has spurred the loss of culturally identifying characteristics of our society. Par example, labor has become less skilled and more monotonous in structure. The development of computers destroyed many talented workers who created superior goods with a level of quality unmatched by computerized mass production. Also, technology has lead to the ignorance of much of our youth. Video games have prevented scores of people from experiencing life and its awesomeness. They use false fantasy worlds created in the minds on game designers to replace their scanty reality. This spawns drab people without the necessary experiences to live life. With the advent of technology also came mankind’s loss of privacy. There are many things that the masses do every day that are being recorded and analyzed without our knowledge or consent. The purchases you make, such as beer, are recorded by servers to analyze the effects companies marketing strategy is having on your subconscious (cnn.

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