Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Influence of modern music on teenagers Research Paper

Influence of modern music on teenagers - Research Paper Example Music has played an important role in the socialization of teenagers. Modern music is present everywhere. The music can be accessed on radios, televisions, Internet, and new technologies and in various recordings. Music has positive effects on social interactions, schoolwork, mood and particularly behaviour.On the other hand, the effects of modern music to teenagers is of paramount concern. Modern music lyrics have become explicit in areas of sex, violence and drugs mostly in particular music genres. Children preference to certain music type may be associated with specific behaviours.Modern music with videos has exposure to sexual messages, substance abuse, violence that might generate significant changes in attitude and behaviors of the teenagers (Cox 2004). Choice of music, interpretation and reactions to teenagers will vary from culture, age and ethnicity. Research has also shown that music will also vary with gender. Parents and other stakeholders have a big role to play in ensuring that their children are exposed to the types of music that will not promote immorality in them. The parents should control and monitor what their kids watch (Kirsh

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