Thursday, August 8, 2019

Compare and contrast Peattie and Ching's position vis-a-vis the Essay

Compare and contrast Peattie and Ching's position vis-a-vis the idea of Japanese colonialism as an "anomaly." - Essay Example Ching focus on the anomaly from the point of view of the struggle Japanese colonies endured in changing their identity to become Japanese, hence the book title â€Å"becoming Japanese.† The book reveals the much tension and challenges involved in the formation and shift of colonial identities (Ching 19). For instance, Japanese colony, Taiwan, expresses multiple forms of national and cultural identifications; Chinese nationalist, Japanese culture, as well as, its own heterogeneous political and cultural practices. Becoming Japanese is a bridge of history and literature that brings out the anomaly in Japanese colonialism. On the other hand, Peattie focus on Japanese colonialism anomaly in their book, The Japanese Colonial Empire, as the source and evolution of the modern empire. In this book, Japanese colonies such as Korea, Karafuto, and Taiwan are termed as an empire that is governed collectively (Peattie 51). It goes further to illustrate the policies and systems that governed it, as well as, the economic dynamics that encouraged it. According to Peattie, Japanese colonialism in context of modern empire that runs from 1895 to 1945 is by itself an anomaly in colonialism (23). In conclusion, it is clear that Japanese way of colonizing is different and exceedingly unique in comparison to western colonialism. Either from ching’s way of thinking or Peattie’s, Japanese colonialism is a global phenomenon, hence colonialism

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