Thursday, November 7, 2019

Micro bio essays

Micro bio essays Does soap really help to kill bacteria and do bacteria live on everyday things we touch? Well, microorganisms live wherever conditions and the environment are suitable, from inside ones body to the floor we walk on. There are many different types of microorganisms, all different in their color and the way they grow. However they are able to live together in a mixed population, side by side. In this lab you will learn the importance and practice of aseptic techniques and the methods of culturing and growing bacteria. You will be able to observe and see why ever since you were little you were told to wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating; after this lab you will be thankful. Using the petri dish divided into fours, dirty ones hands and then touch section 2 being careful not to touch the control, section 1. Then swipe section 3 with water washed hands and then in section 4 with soap washed hands. Using the petri dish divided into fours swab the push button on the hand drier in the girls bathroom, then swab section 1. For section 2 swab the sink handle in the girls bathroom, for section 3 swab the toilet seat in the boys bathroom, and then for section 4 swab the urinal in the boys bathroom. I learned microorganisms can live in various places. However I found the class results inconclusive for the swabbing experiment. There were not clear results, for example in group 2 they found six colonies growing in the petri dish after swabbing the button on the hand drier in the boys bathroom, yet group 3 found none growing in the petri dish after swabbing the button on the hand drier in the girls bathroom. This could be due to many errors though when collecting the results, how the person swabbed, for how long, and what technique they used when swabbi ...

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