Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Corruption In The United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corruption In The United States - Essay Example Most obseThere are few things determining corruption in the United Sates. The economic approach to corruption in the US starts with the costs and benefits facing corrupt potential public offices. As put across, corruption is actually the use of public office or power for personal gains. In American, the most rampant determinant of corruption is the ability of a public official to increase someone’s private wealth by paying that person using money from the public purse. In extreme cases, this someone could be just the public official himself. Additionally, the other means by which public officials create wealth for themselves is through the transfer of government property to private persons for their own benefit (Williams and Kenneth 6-8). For instance, the transfer of government land to traction companies in the nineteenth century is a popular form of corruption. Furthermore, the other primary form of corruption is the creation of private wealth through manipulation of office power or enforcements of legal rulings in favor of personal gains. Some recent data collected from different states in the US reveal that the rising corporate agriculture to dominate the economies of rural and farm communities is one of the most devastating events of corruption in this country’s history. The data put across that, sixty years ago, there were over six million farms dotted across the landscape of America. Later, the number declined to only two million whereby the large numbers of these are small and medium-sized operations. sized operations. Surprisingly, the bulk of profits from corporate agriculture accrue to only a few hundred super farms. Few companies control most of these farms and there are increasing cases of vertical integration. These companies are flourishing and rural communities are suffering economically, socially, and environmentally due

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