Monday, February 17, 2020

Counterterrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Counterterrorism - Essay Example immediate measures at once to ensure that terrorism would not happen again, also, and the American government immediately implemented counter-terrorism precautions and laws that would aid them in their fight against terrorism. With this accord, the international community has find itself moving alongside with the American government in its campaign against terrorism. The American government, in connection of its campaign against terrorism and the people that were involved with the attacks, has tracked down the proprietors of the terrorist attacks in World Trade Center and Pentagon, the results of their investigations was that Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, was behind the terrorist acts. Soon enough, Bin Laden was named as the world’s â€Å"most wanted criminal† and the American government swiftly launch an attack on Afghanistan were it is believed that the Taliban government hides Bin Laden and the rest of the members of Al-Qaeda. The assault to Afghanistan, as it was called, soon took place and Afghanistan was under American government since then. Aside from this, the American government has convinced other government to pursue hostility against any one who will commit terrorist acts. Countries that are being aided by the United States of America and the country’s original allies (ie. Great Britain) quic kly joined the US in its fight against terrorism and soon afterwards, it seems that counterterrorism was newest trend of the new millennium. However, this paper will not focus its discussion on the attack in Afghanistan or on the war against Iraq; instead it will center on the discussion on the reaction and changes that occurred in the international community after the 9/11 incident. Also, not only will this paper will highlight on the changes outside the US but also the changes within the Bush administration and American government, especially on their immediate steps toward ratifying different laws about counter-terrorism and the

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