Friday, July 26, 2019

Women in Antebellum America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women in Antebellum America - Essay Example Women acquired superiority in social matters, and their voice would thus be heard. Regarding the introduction of education for women, many women joined learning institutions to acquire relevant information which would enable, better their lives. The education provides to women enabled them rear their children properly as well as providing significance influence to their husbands. The same reasoning lead to the opening up of the teaching profession suitable for females since they were considered having moral superiority over men and were innately fit to handle children. The piety morality of women, as well as concern over families, presents the impetus into the involvement in antebellum movements’ reform. Additionally, education gave women the capacity to articulate problems they face, and eventually propose necessary alternatives. Reforms provided women with necessary ideologies, which facilitated the, establishment of this cause. More conservative work charity attracted the upper classes’ members; more radical functions including abolitionism, helped draw men and women from social groups of lower levels. However, reformers of a working -class indicated less integration to such movements. Despite the fact that women suffered divisions from religion affiliation, class, and marital status, they indicated uniqueness in mind in the capacity to help others, a concept which was translated into women’s moral superiority overpowering men. The concept of moral superiority boosted efforts to raise women’s political, economic, and legal position. Women, as well, contributed to the economy of the nation through taxation exercised on their earnings, given that their population was significantly high. The impact of religion was also evident in the history of American woman. The Divine Word (The Bible) puts it, â€Å"The wise women buildeth her house.† The implication of the wisdom in this

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